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tv   [untitled]    December 20, 2010 12:00am-12:30am EST

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spite the bitter winter cold but that protest unfortunately did not last very long some people started breaking down the windows of the parliament building trying to push through the doors destroying the property riot police pushing them back almost immediately clearing out the square our crew actually got injured in the process while filming and the crowd right by the windows riot police started pushing everyone back until like hell and then actually got hit on the head with police batons they were able to continue their work their feeling all right but it was still quite a sight it seemed for a moment that police couldn't really distinguish between civilians and journalists anybody that was in the crowd risk getting hit or kicked for a punch and only later did they seem to distinguish the things journalists protesters and actually tried to avoid the press we saw some protesters being cornered by rival spending quite severely was quite
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a frightening sight but right now it does seem that everything is calm down riot police and gain control of the square has cleared out all of the protesters there are still some groups. about a block there very small rescue people in each one in there very quickly cornered by riot police detained and moved off waiting in a police car and saw a lot of people being detained a lot of people were injured as well in the protests that turned violent in a matter of moments what have just as quickly been staying with why officials are going to say we're here to defend our freedom which is being threatened by one man who's in power and he's making all the decisions but i'm still the entire system is riddled with fear we've just seen where the presidential candidates in a client beaten brutally flitters went off everyone was put down on the ground and told to stay down as we heard the attacker swearing he broke the glass in our booth and began stealing our equipment like thieves only people were kicked out some of us regrouped and came here to protest so of course many people. showing the will to
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protest what they believe a fraudulent election the only presidential election that valerie's has had of course for all of the one plane coming president nixon that will question good morning to opposition leaders these results are falsified and the over eighty percent that lukashenko gathered is also a falsified number that's precisely why they were out in the street so far international observers haven't reported any major violations in gold they heard of one registered record where an international observer was denied access to a polling station but so far that is the only report on record and we are forced waiting to see whether international observers will break or a more detailed report of their observations of the money incentive in there having a positive conclusion is a very big one the european union has promised umbrella respond a lot of financial aid billions of euros if there is evidence of free and democratic elections perhaps that is why the looks of it will allow the opposition
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some semblance of freedom giving them on air time and sanction anti-government rallies but critics of course say that that is all for show international observers are still to publish their reports and will of course update you when we get them. over the us already fighting in two wars yemen has been revealed as a possible from to opening up where there could be secret links between the countries that is feeding into the american media which is now stoking fears that we are a country is a bit of terrorism he's going to chicken. america's secret aims in yemen are secret no more as confirmed by recent we came leaks this patch of classified diplomatic cables u.s. special operations forces are carrying out strikes against suspected terrorists in yemen and the yemeni government is taking the credit in exchange for yemen's cooperation the u.s. heavily finances the country's fragile government but u.s. plans in yemen go further than strikes the military are discussing long term basis
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and asking for more than a billion dollars to fight ocado there some of them laughton had a dream for him in a nightmare for us it was to involve us in in inconclusive wars in distant lands that would cost us a fortune there's a kind of intelligence national security bureaucracy that's good in this country last year and americans are irrationally scared when the parcel bomb hysteria broke out in october the us twenty four hour news machine did not fall short of getting americans worst fears a second suspicious package from yemen was found at a better facility the ideal country essentially like o'connor years ago already believed out in the arabian peninsula is behind the shipment the packages from yemen gave rise to a lot of confusion as to whether they were really parcel bombs but one thing that was beyond doubt the fear trigger has been pulled out the m. and was in the news as a terrorist in a matter of days the u.s.
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officially deployed predator drones in yemen and started talking about bases there they deliberately over blow all of these incidents because there is a huge constituency a huge business national security business which is paid for by the u.s. taxpayer it's a way of capturing a political supporter way of doing a lot of different things but what it's not doing is beating terrorism the most generous estimates suggest there are perhaps several hundred al qaida members in the poverty stricken strive for. hazards of yemen u.s. special forces have been chasing them we years causing dozens of civilians and what the u.s. is doing in yemen is really inflating the prominence of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula this is a group that probably would have very little street value in the arab street or the muslim street if the united states wasn't propping up anwar a lot of the sort of second coming of osama bin laden i think it it it goes to show how little we've learned from the boogie man days of bush and cheney and how our
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own policies in dangerous more in many cases that his policies on the surface american leaders are motivated by the fear of one day receiving a parcel bomb but some say the sas has other layers of motivation you're not going to make the technology of a letter bomb go away by attacking what you think is al-qaeda in yemen you're just going to make it move to another place u.s. government is basically very much into a marketing campaign to make these things look like the government is being effective in light of modern us wars and their coverage in the media we've learned that the objective pros and cons of waging a military campaign can be mutate whenever fear comes into the picture and fear can justify almost anything going to shut down our t. washington d.c. . well coming up later in the program a u.s. policy review what washington fails to mention its report on its strategy in afghanistan. still gambling zones in russia are far
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from being realized two years on from the scene due to a thriving in the eagle trade. south korea is about to start its foreign exercises on an island close to the border with north korea despite threats of retaliation from pyongyang u.n. emergency meeting russia called on so to cancel the drills because they might cause unpredictable developments in the region. in the interim let me reiterate very strong concern of the russian federation that within hours there may be serious i could have an aggravation of tension a serious conflict for that matter so in the big chamber when we have this private meeting which was also of course asked for by the russian federation. we reiterated the call or for forty strained on both parties in the no uncertain terms. well the session was set up russia's request but the security council failed to
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find the agreement on how to ease tensions on the peninsula north korea and the south last month in response to some naval maneuvers four people died then but the young is warning it will strike back even harder next time. twin suicide attacks on military bases in two afghan cities of the thirteen people dead more than secure can do but it's in a stress to form stormed a recruitment center of the gun battle ensued earlier insurgents attacked a bus carrying on the offices in the capital kabul the country's main recruitment center to tell about it was sponsibility washington eyes at least and elizabeth says defeating terrorism remains the american forces in afghanistan. on this and we're going to show off says the u.s. is overlooking crucial problems. talking about the u.s. policy review on afghanistan and pakistan. would you be surprised there do you as
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president in his comments on the new policy on afghanistan and pakistan has never mentioned the old or new u.s. counter-narcotics policy or imminent threat and challenge to afghanistan its neighbors and the global security even once that is two main challenges in afghanistan corruption for itself and narco terrorism for its neighbors have been completely ignored the national intelligence estimate of us policy in afghanistan and pakistan excels in one thing in its mission statement finally it got its priority perfectly straight the number one thing is al qaida second it's a pakistan and afghanistan it takes only the third place. but when you listen to
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the u.s. president comments on the new u.s. policy in the region you get an impression did she didn't have an opportunity to read. the national intelligence serve you on pakistan and afghanistan well you can buy more stories out analysis on our web site called let's just see them so what's just a click away for you know saving the u.n. or struggling to survive all of europe is gripped with the currents will stir protests e.u. countries agree a mechanism to bail out those on the brink of collapse. and. wildcat strike. tables at the feet of simple steps and some of the tricks for the tamils and that mortality dot com. is a good. many
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people in course central asian states russia is seen as a land of opportunity of migrants for every year in search of greener pastures but many are forced to work illegally and their life is far from perfect as when the reports. here for the federal migration service comes knocking on the door at four o'clock in the morning officers say they arrive at this early hour before the immigrants leave for work which usually happens around six am that due to the broader so srijit conducted in order to find illegal immigrants usually we have
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about seven or eight such raids a month but this time around the federal migration service found just a few people without permission to work in the country one of them is it means twenty two year old. i don't have documents i don't know russian law i've been in russia for about a year and i don't understand the rules and customs of the country who is one of a dozen immigrants who were apprehended during the raid but officials say there are millions more undetected in russia. currently there are about five million foreign citizens working in the russian federation of work legally the vast majority illegally. there are about eight people living in that tiny little room right there we're going to go down the corridor into the kitchen and you can see for yourself that the conditions here are far from cemetery or
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convenient this is like a kitchen space something between a bathroom and basically a place where people cook and wash themselves as well. so why do vietnamese chinese in many from other asian countries continue to flock to russia. although they get paid a lot less the native workers would be paid for the same job is still a lot. more than they would have been back home migrant workers are a very valuable resource to countries with developed economies they do all the hard low paid jobs that no one in the country wants to do. russia has the second largest number of immigrants in the world after the united states and there's plenty of jobs in industries such as construction and retail the flow of migrant workers doesn't show any signs of drying up even if the hours are long in the living conditions are cramped it in a college party moscow. the indian government says its plans for the future of kashmir will be released in a few months but the proposal has rob those living in the region who say they
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haven't been allowed to contribute to the plan's creation as kashmir separatist leader told r.t. and if oppose all should involve people and include pakistan. we have to talk about a process and that is real exactly a feel for the last for many years that yes india pakistan have talked about kashmir many times but it has been no you know i mean there is no process in motion as far as the two countries are concerned the person here is that you can't have box on the one hand and killings on the other hand for the last five months we have seen what happened before you have lost hundred twelve you said you all. non-combatants students but there doesn't seem to be any count ability from the government side so if the government of india is saying that we are going to have a solution or a conduit of a solution the next two months the factors of the wood it doesn't know anything about that so if this statement is to mean anything let the government of india address some of the issues which we have given to them it's going to only survive
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if india pakistan and the world community are going to support the whole thing. and you can watch that full interview in around ten minutes time right here on alt . the u.s. senate has voted down another republican attempt to amend a new nuclear arms treaty in the start a deal the republicans offer to recognize the between strategic and tactical nuclear weapons that would need further negotiations with russia democrats have faced a challenge from republicans of wanting to postpone the debate until january when they will hold a majority in congress tuesday could become a crucial day for the ratification when most of the senate members gather at the u.s. president dubbed ratification of start a national priority it was signed by the russian president in april was named as a major achievement nations between the two countries you see slashed by one third
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. now to some other stories making headlines from around the world. teves trying to steal oil caused a powerful pipeline explosion in mexico killing at least twenty eight people injuring over fifty two of the dead were children the blast sent rivers of fire through the streets about ninety four meters east of the capital where the blast followed the main explosion leaving the ghost town of houses authorities say the thieves lost control of the oil because of the high pressure. iraqi prime minister nuri al maliki set to unveil the credit card months on from parliamentary elections all the major factions will be included along with kurds shia and sunni arabs each candidate will still have to be approved by the parliament put them on a period of political deadlock. freezing weather severe snows continue to cause loss of disruption in the u.k. and across europe london's heathrow airport stopped operating and leaving thousands
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of travelers stranded forcing him to spend the night on terminal floors flights were also canceled or delayed due to icing conditions in paris frankfurt and amsterdam. temperatures are predicted to last post christmas. the u.n. says hundreds of people have been abducted from their houses in the ivory coast since last month's presidential elections comes a day off the u.n. announced it would remain there despite being ordered out convent on but was ignored international calls to step down. arming his rival in the south tower two observers say one kill actions there is a growing of new violence in the country still recovering from bloody civil war. the gambling industry has gone underground in russia since a ban on casinos and introduced almost two years ago but the isolated locations of
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the four gambling zones. they fail to live up to expectations so to combat a thriving in the middle trade authorities are looking at shifting casinos closer to to hysteria started in this particular ports. stacks of cash and rows of one are bandits federal security service agents freed an illegal casino in moscow eighteen months ago a strict gambling law meant casinos in russia could only exist in four special zones but it failed then the show idea to build gambling zones far away from residential areas just didn't work it takes several hours to get from the nearest airport to the casino in southern russia and as you can see the zone still doesn't look like gamblers paradise the distance according to regional authorities almost killed the whole idea some of the transportation is the key factor today we have a steady flow of gamblers coming to this casino enough to make the project worthwhile but that's not the zones full capacity plus months of russian president
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medvedev approved a war relocating the only functioning gambling zone in the russian south now the zone will be closer to tourist destinations travel to the city of an up on the black sea coast which according to locals may very well become the new and hopefully more successful version of the russian vegas. and winter time the place looks a bit depressing but are not as deputy mayor is certain that his city does have a potential put developing gambling industry. in the village obligations with its one thousand hectares a very complex is just five minutes away from the airport there is also a railway line and a highway passing through an opera for resort hosting the gambling project is a good opportunity to make on alpert's as a ball of the year round up until now we're only been able to fill the hotels for me talked over but because you know the season will stretch up to twelve months. these fields have been prepared for a large scale construction by
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a peninsula with below sandy beaches that attract thousands in the future golden sands gambling zone will also include a russian style being park hotels shopping malls and restaurants authorities admit however that the news though will be borderless just like the old one unless the illegal casinos disappear and this may require more legislative work to stop because he knows from operating where they shouldn't be which time it was the past the point that you have come up with a proposal to introduce stricter punishment for the organizers of the underground gambling dens so far almost one hundred percent of these individuals have been able to avoid serious punishment by disguising their businesses as lottery clubs or internet cafes although there is still no deadline and the golden sands project is in a spiral the stages the regions of dorothy's are optimistic they are certain that it may take less than three years to build this new gamblers paradise on the black sea coast but with a huge and powerful underground gambling industry it's still unclear whether the
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news though will be the right bet for russia does the law r t cross the region. that one of russia's most beautiful nature is the thousands of rocky cliffs scattered in the siberian tiger. and discover its beauty. communicate with the wild and. test yourself and become free. see what nature can give you. something watch that for president just over eight hours time to. the business news is next with that impression.
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into business russia's government says the pause in economic growth is over of the new figures show of fall in unemployment november's jobless rate cut from six point eight to six point seven percent. positive dynamics in the fourth quarter of the july as drought caused a drop in the third quarter average salaries also grew last month over three percent. shareholders invertible com may block a merger with middle east mobile giant whether to create the world's fifth largest mobile network the b line operators bosses meet next week to approve the deal with the owner of italy's wind and egypt or us com but the f.t. quotes sources saying the board may not get enough votes to pass the agreement on fears the six point five billion dollar price tag is too high. staying with m. and a activity french finance group since it is general has denied its buying d.t.b. stake in ross bank on thursday v.t. boss andre costing claimed they'd reached
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a deal on their nineteen point three percent share in russia's eight largest lender a spokeswoman said there are no plans to increase the stake in its subsidiary however i think they remain open to talks. let's have a look at the stock markets now asian bourses are in the red today due to concerns or military tensions on the korean peninsula the hang thing is almost a percent down this hour the old c.s.c. remorse got a poor end on friday after broadly positive week shares there plummeted in the last hour of trade to finish just in the rid but the my six continues to grow experts now predict the index will end the year above seventeen hundred points on the my six gazprom ended higher as the price of light sweet hold above eighty eight dollars a barrel and other blue chip telecom also finished up on reports that could enter the lucrative pay t.v. market with a bid for provider n t k furlong claims it was looking for further acquisitions in eastern europe. mark rubenstein for metropol finances early this week will see
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profit taking from russian stocks before christmas rally. we're probably going to see some profit taking early in the week but i think then will and will likely to go there be a couple market comic reports out of the united states next week that the market will pay attention to in russia and we are differently seen there acceleration of economic growth i expect there are markets market participants to start realizing russian economic growth forecasts upward and so that could trigger rating russian stocks in their models and eyes of the investors. investors have to buy shares to outperform the markets in the new year will bring you the story on the expletive in fifteen minutes.
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of this nature and discover it. communicate with the wild. test yourself and become free. to. see what nature can give you.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. chai and hope for asians are today. for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. in india. the movie joint people to. go to the ground appearing. to talk to us to push coromandel.
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say don't need to go and. read this in the kennel was her job as a treat. that is take a look at the headlines violence on the streets of the better russian capital as thousands of opposition protests clashed with police they claim sunday's presidential ballot was rigged to give the country's a company that is on the brink of almost eighty percent of the vote on tea time and that the new questions were also. the u.s. media ramps up and scaremongering as washington could soon be getting one another and take terrorism crusade with washington already fighting in two wars yemen has been sealed as another possible front. and millions of migrants from paul central
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asian states see russia from land of opportunity and were forced to work it legally the grass is not always greener. the indian government says a framework for the future of kashmir will be revealed within a few months this comes despite decades of violence including one hundred twelve deaths in the last five months as kashmiri separatist leader told r.t. the indian government can't decide the region's fate another. the indian government says a broad outline of a solution to the kashmir problem will be available in a couple of months to discuss how realistic that may be and the situation in the suite at the moment we're joined by midwives all modified uk the chairman of the all party who at the conference was to follow how realistic is this statement by the indian government but i think the statement by the home minister of india seems to be too optimistic.


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